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Home > Thomas Wooden Railway Yearbook 2013

Thomas Wooden Railway Yearbook 2013

Thomas Wooden Railway Yearbook 2013 is celebrating its twenty-first year! As of this year, the line was manufactured by Mattel in Fisher-Price's product ranges. And this was also the year that the accurate wheel dates were restored again. This was also the year that the check boxes were re-added in the yearbooks. Further, all models received rounded edges to reduce edge wear.
Fisher-Price Thomas The Train & Friends Wooden Railway 2013 YEARBOOK Vol XVIII

Fisher-Price Thomas The Train & Friends Wooden Railway 2013 YEARBOOK Vol XVIII
2013 YEARBOOK Thomas & Friends Train Tank Engine Wooden Railway

2013 YEARBOOK Thomas & Friends Train Tank Engine Wooden Railway


Complete List of Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway 2013

Millie Y4486
Thomas King of the Railway Y5021
Toby's Castle Delivery Y5018
Caitlin Y5856
Stephen Y4485
Stephen Comes to Sodor Y8785
Connor Y5492
Stephen's Coaches Y5022
Castle Crane Y4482
King of the Railway Figure 8 Set Y4480
King of the Railway Deluxe Set Y4475
Stafford Y4086
Express Coming Through Y4506
Sodor Search & Rescue Y4495
Thomas' Pig Pick-up Y4104
Race To The Rescue Y4503
Farmhouse Pig Parade Set Y4090
Luke Y4087
Winston Y4085
Paxton Y5025
Fergus Limited Edition Y4117
D199 Limited Edition Y4084
Flying Scotsman Limited Edition Y6784
Thomas the Tank Engine Y4083
Henry the Green Engine Y4072
Gordon the Big Express Engine Y4073
Percy the Small Engine Y4082
Edward the Blue Engine Y4071
James the Red Engine Y4070
Toby Y4081
Emily Y4075
Patrick Y7469
Butch Y4385
Spencer Y4074
Jack Y4387
Kevin Y4386
Harold Y4077
Fearless Freddie Y4401
Bash Y4383
Dash Y4384
Rosie Y4398
Diesel Y4079
Salty Y5026
Belle Y4382
Diesel 10 Y4076
Rheneas Y4388
Bertie BBT41
Hiro Y4381
Charlie Y4402
Skarloey Y4403
Ferdinand Y4380
Rocky Y4379
Scruff Y4397
Victor Y4080
Muscial Caboose Y4408
Flynn Y3782
Talking Victor Y4508
Talking Toby Y4114
Talking Diesel 10 Y4597
Talking Spencer Y4113
Talking Thomas Y4116
Talking Emily Y4407
Talking Gordon Y4406
Battery-Operated Diesel Y4109
Battery-Operated Salty Y4507
Battery-Operated Booster Steam Car with Thomas Y4424
Battery-Operated Hiro Y4108
Battery-Operated Thomas Y4110
Battery-Operated Percy Y4423
Battery-Operated James Y4111
Happy Birthday Y4501
Peter Sam's Dynamite Delivery Y4103
Adventures of Thomas Y4102
Percy's Musical Ride Y4105
Den & Dart Y4106
Troublesome Trucks & Sweets Y4107
Sidney's Holiday Special Y9274
Santa's Little Engine Y5420
Rusty to the Rescue Y5017
Crawling Critters Cargo Car Y4504
Oil & Coal Cargo Y4505
Sodor Bakery Delivery Y5023
Steamies vs. Diesels Y4484
Circus Train Y5020
Giggling Troublesome Trucks Y4421
Iron 'Arry & Iron Bert Y7464
Annie & Clarabel Y4422
Aquarium Cars Y5024
Tidmouth Timber Co. Deluxe Figure 8 Set Y4497
Coal Hopper Figure 8 Set Y4091
Percy & the Mail Depot Set Y4481
Sodor Mountain Supply Run Set Y4478
Brendan Bay Shipping Set Y4496
5-in-1 Up & Around Set Y4418
Oval Starter Set Y4419
Tidmouth Sheds Deluxe Set Y4474
Sodor Paint Factory Y4498
Maron Lights & Sounds Signal Shed Y4483
Knapford Station Y9001
Wood Chipper Y4094
Search Light Y4095
Transforming Destination Y9000
Tidmouth Sheds  Y4367
Deluxe Roundhouse Y4366
Sodor Wash Down Y4369
Deluxe Over-the-Track Signal Y4092
Water Tower Y4093
Cranky the Crane Y4368
Deluxe Railroad Crossing Y4499
Log Tunnel Y5195
Wacky Track Bridge Y4494
Snow Tunnel Y9606
Quarry Mine Tunnel Y4415
Rumblin' Bridge Y4493
Stone Drawbridge Y7465
Deluxe Figure 8 Expansion Track Pack Y4413
Ascending Track & Riser Pack Y4500
Adaptor Track Pack BBR38
Figure 8 Set Expansion Pack Y4088
Straight & Curved Expansion Pack Y4089
Switch Track Pack Y4473
Curved Track Pack BCG12
Island of Sodor Playtable Y4412
Railway Adventure Playboard Y4410
2-in-1 Playboard Y4411
Island of Sodor Felt Playmat Y4471



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